Still Ungrateful?


Are you ungrateful…still?

If you had been a size 0 or size 2 as a teenager in Nigeria at a time when buxom equalled to healthy,then you totally understand where i’m going with this.

Growing up,I was a stick-thin young lady who had deep gullies on her neck. My mum always joked that they could fetch a drink comfortably with my ‘neck-gullies’ and to be honest I did put water in it once and it held quite nicely. I had years and years of wearing padded bras and no, it is not whatever you just thought about. Whatever your mind conceived as padded bras right now,multiply that by 3. These particular bras were scarce and one had to wear and wash for months before it started to feel like it was skin. It was outrightly rock solid. Giving a full hug was not adviced when one was wearing these.
I also had years of everyone trying to fatten me up. My mum made it a point of duty to buy me several packs of complan to fatten and freshen me up (I love that woman). Clothes never fit the way they were supposed to. The hips were just angles and planes. I remember actually praying for more. My girlfriend and I would sing aloud for ‘increase’.

That was many years ago. Today I was on my way home from work and I saw a young lady wearing Iro and Buba. She was just as stick thin as I was growing up. My first thought was ‘Hallelujah,I have enough hips to fill up this attire now’. Then I realised that amidst my misgiving about my new body type and size,I had forgotten where I was coming from. I had forgotten to give thanks for the fact that my prayers have indeed been answered. I have complained about the stretch marks and have indeed forgotten to link it to the 2beautiful reasons for which I got them.

You might be going through the phase of praying for increase or you might have gotten a bit more ‘increase’ than you would have wanted.

Be appreciative:

Of where you are and what it took you to get there.

Of battles fought. Some lost,some won.

Of the sad times that made you stronger,made you the person you are today.

Of the heartbreak that you felt you were going to die from,but after which you met the one well designed to suit you.

Of the building period you are going through right now. In no time,it will be over and you will reap the fruit of your patience if you do not loose hope.



5 thoughts on “Still Ungrateful?

  1. Actually growing up, several people had one physical/personal issue or the other that may have negatively impacted on their self worth and confidence. But in the end, we should always remember that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. There are lots of people that can’t read the posts on this blog because they are blind. Now shut your eyes for 60 seconds and see how life is daily for some people. Thanks Ladysands for reminding us to always be grateful.


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