How to prepare Ukwa (african breadfruit)

This year I have done alot of cooking and this has inspired alot of people I know to be ‘bolder’ in their kitchen. My friend Jennifer who is also founder of saddle brown services (they are experts on gift items for events. They consult, source and deliver gifts) has been able to take time off her busy schedule to prepare and share with us her recipe for Ukwa aka African breadfruit aka Treculia africana.


5 cups Ukwa

1 big green bell pepper

3 small yellow scotch bonnet pepper

1/2 teaspoon of cameroun pepper

3 tablespoons of palm oil

Smoked fish

3/4 cup of Sweet corn

1/2 cup of Ugba/ukpaka (fermented african oilbean seeds)

Crayfish powder to taste

1 knorr original cube

Salt to taste


* Carefully pick out stones and dirt from Ukwa seeds

* Wash about 5 times or till all the sand and dirt is gone

* Add water till it comes up about 1 1/2 inches over the Ukwa seeds then bring to boil

* Add 1/4 teaspoon of akanwu (potash) to the pot and boil till the ukwa seeds crush easily in your fingers

* Seive out excess water,leaving just enough to make a nice and thick pottage

* Add oil,knorr cube,salt, crayfish and cameroun pepper then boil for another 7 minutes

* Add the sweetcorn, Ugba, bell pepper, scotch bonnet pepper and smoked fish

* Turn off the heat and allow to sit for a few minutes

* Serve

Growing up,a plate of Ukwa was served alongside a bowl of the previously drained water with a few seeds in it.This could make for an exciting way of serving Ukwa!

Thank you Jenny from saddlebrown services for the time,the recipe and for answering all the numerous questions I had concerning this recipe! For gift ideas and gifts for your special and not so special events,contact saddle brown services on 07035088821 . Email-


– A pressure cooker will most likely make overall cooking time shorter

– It is usually better to dissolve the potash in water first,then serve the water into the pot

– A few local spices like ehuru and ogiri can be added for that extra full bodied taste.


2 thoughts on “How to prepare Ukwa (african breadfruit)

  1. Yay! Thanks momma! My quest to be a different kind of cook, a more versatile one was inspired by you! And every day I get better. Thanks…. Please contact me for gifts and gift ideas too.. We consult!!! Xoxo


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